In Hemp Politics, Colorado’s liberal marijuana laws play a significant hemp history - plantsrole in the expansion of a local company, Michigan Hemp Co. The company manufactures and distributes industrial hemp-based food supplements and cosmetics.

Joe Brown, the founder of Michigan Hemp Co., says it is now legal for Colorado farmers to grow and sell hemp, which his company has been importing from Canada and Holland for the past five years.

Being able to grow domestic hemp in Colorado will create jobs in the industry. Brown hopes to increase his company’s number of employees from five to fifty within the next two years.

Michigan Hemp Co.’s products are created with industrial hemp oil that does not contain THC, the psychotropic drug found in marijuana. The oil currently being imported is tested by customs officials before being released into the U.S.

Having access to domestic hemp means Brown’s company will be able to produce more product and lower its prices.

Michigan Hemp Co., founded in 2009, says it’s the first company since 1937 to  manufacture industrial hemp products legally.

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