In Pueblo, Colorado, a hemp researcher sheds some light on the Hemp Politics of growing hemp in the U.S.

Hemp Politics - American_flag

Will Cabaniss, originally from Florida, relocated to southern Colorado to get involved in the hemp business. He is working with a team to gather data on hemp cultivation and its industry.

Since 2014, the Farm Bill has permitted state-authorized hemp cultivation for research purposes. This year, according to state reports, a total of 6,900 acres of hemp are being grown throughout the U.S.

Like many new hemp businesses, the Cabannis farm has many challenges to overcome. Because of hemp’s close relation to marijuana, it was made illegal in 1937. Since the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp has been making a comeback, but ever so slowly, as the Drug Enforcement Administration still includes hemp among the controlled substances.

To date there are only 29 states that have authorised hemp production. Locating hemp seeds is a struggle and they are very expensive, between $5-$10 a seed, so start-up costs are steep. It is vital that the seeds contain virtually no THC, and farmers are responsible for controlling these THC levels.

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