The Kentucky State Fair could use some nutrition in their food stands, and not just any nutrition, Hemp Nutrition!

Local Henry County cattle farmer, David Neville, hopes to combine his local beef product with hemp to make healthy hemp hot dogs to be sold at the fair. He wants to provide fair-goers with a locally-grown beef dog and, at the same time, raise awareness about hemp by making it a Kentucky Hemp Dog.

For the past few years there’s been talk about how difficult it is to make local beef food options available at the Kentucky State Fair. Instead, food trucks come from out of state and serve the unhealthiest food imaginable, like this years Tater Tots covered with caramel, maple syrup and marshmallows.

The Kentucky Hemp Dog will be made of ground beef and hemp protein will be used to bind the meat together. Ground hemp seeds will be added to give texture, and hemp oil will blend the flavours together. The Hemp Dog will have the hemp nutritional benefits of Omega 3 and 6, which are healthy fats and good for the heart, making for a much healthier option for fair-goers this year.

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