A new hemp business has taken root in Hadley, Michigan – Laura Noble’s ‘Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Company.’ Hemp Nutrition - smoothie-web

While battling melanoma cancer, Laura Noble was in search of clothing and fabrics that provided protection from the sun. As cotton lacks this protection, she turned to hemp fabric, and came across hemp food during her search. She was pleasantly surprised to learn about Hemp Nutrition and its many health benefits. Discovering the incredible nutritional value of hemp seeds made her question why we aren’t more focused on using hemp as food. She reckons hemp is so nutritious that one could survive on hemp alone.

Noble started up her own line of hemp seed products under the name ‘Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Company.’ Her products include sea salt toasted hemp seeds, power bar mixes, and gluten-free flapjack mixes that you can make at home.

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