It’s all about the superfoods these days, and many seeds are making the list, one of them being hemp. Hemp is a member of the cannabis family and although it is related to marijuana it is a very different plant. Hemp has less than one percent of the psychoactive ingredient, compared to marijuana which has about twenty percent.

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Hemp has been used for food and fibre since the beginning of time. Today, most of the world’s hemp seeds are grown in Canada, France, and China. Hemp Nutrition has been recognized in Old World cultures around the world for thousands of years, but is only just beginning to gain popularity in the Western world.

The health benefits of hemp are being proven by scientific studies. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein. Soybean is the only plant that contains more, but hemp seeds are superior in that they don’t contain phytic acid like soybean. Phytic acid diminishes our bodies ability to absorb minerals.) Hemp seeds contain a high quality protein that is easy to digest.

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