The trend of superfoods and low fat food options are out, while Hemp Nutrition holds fast in the wellness trends of 2017.

In the past year people have gotten hooked on an array of health and wellness trends, some of which are just straight up strange. It’s time to say goodbye to kale shakes, acro yoga and lattes served in avocados.

Australian holistic nutritionist and wellness guru, Lee Holmes, shared her thoughts on the health trends that we should continue looking at in 2017, and what should’ve been left behind in 2016.

According to Ms Holmes, now that we’re already half way through the year it’s high time for a report on the health do’s and don’ts for 2017. First on her list is hemp.

Hemp Nutrition

Holmes says hemp is “one of the hottest trends of 2017.” Hemp is heaped with nutrients, and has the perfect balance of proteins, essential fats, and vitamins.

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