As Europe and Asia gain interest in Hemp Nutrition, Canadian hemp farmers and processors are doing their best to meet the growing demand for export overseas. Hemp infomercials in South Korea have resulted in hemp products making it onto store shelves. Canada Hemp Foods is one of the forerunners of bringing hemp to Southeast Asia.

Hemp has many uses, including paper and clothing, but it is most popular for the seeds. Garry Meier, president of Hemp Productions Services, says hemp has tremendous nutritional benefits. Shelled hemp seeds, or hemp seed hearts, are the biggest seller. They’re high in protein, omega-3 and omega-6, and can easily be added to most meals.

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Other hemp food products include hemp protein powder and hemp oil. Hemp products can be used in place of fish oil supplements, as the amino and fatty acids found in hemp are very similar. In addition to its nutritional benefits, hemp has a tasty nutty flavour.

Meier is expecting the demand on hemp to continue growing as it gains popularity overseas, and he intends to shift his company, in both the growing and processing areas, to meet the demands.

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