The recent legislation of hemp as food in Australia has the nation bursting with interest about the plant, including Hemp Nutrition and the ways in which to consume its nutritious seeds.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp Seed Hearts

Since the legalisation, which became official on November 12 last year, there has been increased interest in all facets of this budding industry, from hemp growing and production to retailers and consumers.

One farmer from Victoria’s western district, James Hood, recognised the upcoming demand for hemp and did trials of hemp growing on his family’s farm. Following its success, he started his own hemp company, Australian Primary Hemp.

Hood produces hemp seeds that he sells to farmers. He then buys their harvested hemp plants and processes them into food products such as hemp oil or protein powder.

With the legalisation of hemp for human consumption, cafes and restaurants across the country are adding hemp seeds to their recipes, and consumers are eager and interested to give hemp seeds a try.

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