The NoCo Hemp Expo is the centre of Hemp in the News this week. The event, scheduled to take place in Loveland, Colorado from March 31 to April 1, will showcase innovative hemp research and production.

Hemp in the News

Speakers, exhibitors and participants will gather from around the world, to share information about the latest industrial hemp research and new production techniques.

Day 1 of the event, Friday, March 31,  will focus on e-commerce, the exchange of products, services and information between businesses, and Saturday, April 1 will focus on consumers.

NoCo Hemp Expo founder Morris Beegle, said this is the only place in the world where people can go to get information about the hemp industry and to make connections. There will be law-makers, farmers, processors, innovative producers and research developers, gathered in the same place for the event.

It’s the place to be for all hemp experts and enthusiasts!

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