New York’s first hemp crop in eighty years put Hemp in the News this week.

As an ex-employee of U.S. National Intelligence, Daniel Dolgin never imagined he’d end up being a hemp farmer, but he is now co-owner and operator of the farm that harvested New York’s first legal crop of industrial hemp in 80 years.

A few years ago Dolgin met Mark Justh, a Wall Street worker-turned-farmer, who was contemplating adding a hemp crop to supplement his current hay production. Dolgin decided to put his DC expertise to use by helping Justh manoeuvre through the bureaucracy involved in obtaining the necessary licensing for hemp growing.

Recognising the economic potential and value of hemp farming, Dolgin chose to put his trained career aside and join the hemp production industry.

The long list of things that can be made from hemp include clothing, rope, paper, building materials, cosmetics, animal feed and bedding, and food. With todays increasing demand for food and drinks that don’t contain nuts or dairy, hemp is gaining recognition as a viable alternative. Hemp food and drink products range from milk and oil to protein powder and flour.

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