Governor Susana Martinez’s opposition for hemp legalisation put Hemp in the News again this week.

House Bill 144 was rejected by Martinez, closing the door on New Mexico’s opportunities for the employment and economic benefits that a hemp industry could bring. Three Representatives sponsored the bill, Bealquin “Bill” Gomez, Antonio “Moe” Maestas, and Rick Little, sharing the opinion that HB 144 would have introduced a lawful and standardised hemp industry to New Mexico, paving the way for farmers to join a booming $600 million industry.

Hemp in the News

Rep. Maestas said Martinez’s rejection of the bill wiped out innumerous jobs and eliminated new economic potential for the state. With the proven success in at least thirty other states, the logical choice would have been to vote in favour of the new industry that promises jobs and a big boost to the state’s economy.

The different parts of the plant, (stalk, grain, and floral), can be used to create a number of products, such as textiles, paper, building materials, food, beverage and nutritional products, cosmetics and biofuel, to list just a few. The industrial hemp market offers a wealth of opportunity with little effort required.

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