A potential lawsuit against the DEA has repeatedly put Hemp in the News lately, but the N.C. Industrial Hemp Commission has decided not to join in the lawsuit against the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration just yet.

Hemp in the News

The commission, formed in 2015 to help advance a hemp industry in the state, backs a local company that intends to sue the DEA for its recent law change that deems any products made with CBD (cannabidiol oil) illegal, and prohibits state to state distribution. The president of the Founder’s Hemp, Bob Crumley, invited the commission to team up with them on the lawsuit.

But rather than taking legal action right away, last week the commission requested that the Attorney General’s Office try to resolve the issue directly with the U.S. Department of Justice and try to determine why the DEA has a different understanding of the hemp transportation law than Congress.

The commission chairman, Tom Melton, said he is not completely opposed to taking legal action against the DEA, but wants to try resolving it outside of court first.

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