A coastal community in Ruatoria, New Zealand, puts Hemp in the News with the harvest of their first hemp crop.

Hemp in the News

The crop was planted as a test to see if it can be a viable industry in the area. Its success has revealed the potential for a new industry and job creation.

Hikurangi Enterprises, a generous company based in Ruatoria, welcomed members of the community to join in the harvest. There were about 5000 plants grown at a site that was kept secret.

The invitation drew about 50 people from the community, who were interested in seeing what kind of plant could potentially transform their community economically.

Panapa Ehau, Hikurangi Enterprises’ general manager, said their motivation for the trial hemp plot was to involve the community, open up a discussion about the crop, and create employment opportunities. With the success of their first crop, it is likely the first of many.

Hikurangi Enterprises received a licence to grow from the Health Ministry, and planted the first seeds in mid-December.

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