The results of North Carolina’s first hemp crop are in, and they’ve put Hemp in the News, but not because of their success.

Despite the fact that several farmers in North Carolina had little success with their inaugural hemp crop this year, farmers and state officials remain optimistic about the enormous potential of this new industry.

Hemp in the News

Hemp farmer, Mann Mullen, is among many farmers who sums up the first crop trial as a learning experience and, therefore, not entirely a failure. Mullen grew 150 acres of hemp this past year, and has determined that the majority of his crop was destroyed by hot temperatures. But all is not lost, as he is able to at least harvest seeds from some of his plants, which he will use for next years crop.

NC farmers are confident that next year will be better, and they’re determined to reap the economic benefits of industrial hemp, and see it boost their local and statewide economy.

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