A new kind of hot dog will be served at this years Kentucky State Fair, and it’s putting Hemp in the News.

Kentucky Hemp Dawgs, made with local beef, hemp oil, and a sprinkling of hemp seed hearts, will be the first to compete with the conventional beef hot dogs, hamburgers, and other meat products, that are trucked in from other states.

Hemp in the News - hemp_dawg

The Kentucky Hemp Dawg is a large bratwurst with hemp oil added to help bind the meat and give a tasty “roasted nut flavour.” The addition of hemp is a way of letting locals become more familiar with the crop that could greatly benefit local farmers. The Hemp Dawg is also a significant breakthrough for Kentucky cattle farmers, who usually transport their steers to feed lots out west.

This week, farmer David Neville received assistance from U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, (advocate for Kentucky farmers and a cattle farmer himself), to understand the required steps in meeting USDA inspectors’ approval for adding hemp seeds and hemp oil into meat products.

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