New Zealand continues to have very strict laws about growing hemp, which puts Hemp in the News this week. The laws are holding the country back from being a part of a worldwide booming industry, say many hemp growers.

Hemp in the News

Last week, a gathering organised by Ruatoria social enterprise Hikurangi Enterprises, brought hemp growers together from Nelson, Auckland, Northland, Hawke’s Bay and the East Coast. They gathered in Gisborne for a two-day meeting to discuss the current status of growing in these areas, and what the hemp industry is doing globally. Project manager Manu Caddie said about forty people were present at the public forum portion of the gathering.

Caddie and Hikurangi Enterprises were both key players in the hemp cultivation trials that took place near Ruatoria last summer. Caddie says New Zealand’s hemp industry is not keeping up with the industry development that is happening globally. He recognises that big changes have to happen with NZ regulations before they can start enjoying all the benefits that this miracle plant has to offer.

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