The DEA’s federal ban on marijuana extracts is pouring Hemp in the News.

When the state of Colorado legalised the selling of marijuana in 2014, it brought new hope to the hundreds of families across the country with children suffering from severe seizures.

Several families relocated to Colorado in order to have legal access to CBD oil, a treatment made from marijuana. Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, has proven to be immensely helpful for children who experience several seizures a day, but the Food and Drug Administration has yet to give it a stamp of approval.

Last week the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration added to the dilemma by announcing that marijuana extracts, including CBD oil, will now be added to the list of Schedule 1 drugs, along with the likes of heroin and LSD.

Hemp in the News

In response, the Hemp Industries Association stated that the DEA does not have the authority to do this, and that only Congress or the U.S. attorney general has the power to make this change to the status of CBD oil. The HIA might be taking legal action.

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