A group of travellers found themselves in the midst of Hemp History on a recent excursion to the Garhwal hills of India.

They were astounded to find their guides had set up camp in a wild growing, green, luscious grove of cannabis.

History of Hemp

You may not be aware, but cannabis is not just for the tokers’. Without the THC, cannabis or hemp has many different uses, dating back thousands of years. From such simple uses as rope to paper to clothing, hemp is an amazing plant that has unfortunately got a bad name because of the misconception that hemp is marijuana, when in actual fact they are different varieties of the cannabis plant.

As I have said, this story is from India, and it’s nice to see that the interest in commercialising this amazing plant is growing worldwide, including developing nations, where they have been using the wild variety for centuries. But as you will see, government intervention and laws are not just in the developed nations. 

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