No country has a more dramatic Hemp History than the U.S. Hemp continues to be included among the species of cannabis plants in the Schedule 1 controlled substances, making it illegal and controlled by the Drug Enforcement Administration. But just because it’s illegal to grow within U.S. borders doesn’t mean Americans can’t import it, which they do in enormous quantities.

Hemp is a highly valuable crop, and here’s why: There are approximately 50,000 uses for industrial hemp, it is easy and affordable to farm hemp, it doesn’t require pesticides to grow, needs very little water, and has a short growth cycle which allows for several crops a year.

Hemp History - CHF_Hemp_Infographic_web

Despite this, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 put measures in place that prevent farmers from growing hemp because of its anti-cannabis prohibitions.

In the last few years, the federal government has started recognizing the difference between hemp and marijuana, however. The 2014 Farm Bill was introduced to allow permits for colleges and universities to do research on hemp cultivation and economic potential.

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