In Danville, Kentucky, Hemp History is being put on the map, quite literally, in the same style as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Daniel Isentein of Lexington, Kentucky, is putting together a self-guided tour that will take participants on a route that traces the history of hemp. Isentein is creating a brochure and map for the tour. In the past five years, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail has had 3.5 million visitors, so Isentein hopes his Hemp Highway of Kentucky tour will attract a crowd as well.

The points of interest on the tour can be found on historical markers. For example, marker No. 1279 which marks the “First Crop.” It is located on the Boyle County Courthouse’s lawn.

Hemp History

Another marker on the tour is Clark’s Run Creek, which in 1775 became the first hemp crop in Kentucky. It was cultivated by Archibald McNeil, and he was also the first to bring hemp seed to Boyle County.

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