When you take a look at Hemp History you learn why it is illegal to grow today, why it should be legalized, and how it relates to marijuana.

Hemp History

The legalization of marijuana is one of the most controversial issues facing American citizens these days. U.S.Attorney General Jeff Sessions shares the opinion of many with his belief that marijuana is a gateway drug and is used only by bad people. On the flip side, there are also many people who value its medicinal and recreational uses. And then there’s marijuana’s cousin which attracts way less attention, but is a whole lot more important – industrial hemp.

A bill that would legalize hemp cultivation in the state of Nebraska is currently under discussion amongst Nebraskan lawmakers. The votes should be in favour of legalization, for many reasons. For starters, hemp is only illegal because it is mistakenly considered the same as marijuana. On the contrary, hemp has immense environmental and economic potential, which at least thirty other states are already benefiting from.

The reason lawmakers are so apprehensive about legalizing industrial hemp is because they don’t distinguish it from marijuana. They mistakenly classify hemp as a perilous drug, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Industrial hemp contains very small amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Hemp has an extensive list of over 25,000 uses, and none of them are related to drug use.

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