Marijuana plays a significant role in Hemp History. In the 1930s and 1940s hemp became so overly associated with marijuana, that when laws were put in place banning controlled substances, hemp got lumped in with marijuana.

Hemp History - field of hemp hearts

Industrial hemp and marijuana may well be cousins, but they are unrelated in so many ways. This is the main fact that Colorado hemp farmers want people to know.

Although the two plants look exactly the same, hemp contains only a fraction of the psychoactive component found in marijuana, but there are thousands of other uses for hemp. Uses with substantial economic potential, such as clothing, food, perfume, candles, fuel, building materials, and medicinal products.

Under Amendment 64, both marijuana and industrial hemp were made legal crops in Colorado in 2012. As a result, Colorado has seen a boom in their hemp industry, with profits in the multi-millions and rising.

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