In some places in the world, marijuana, both medical and recreational, has been made legal, but somewhere in there, Hemp History has been forgotten.

There are two species of the Cannabis Sativa plant, one of which is more well known, and gives a psychoactive high. This species is marijuana, and it has a high concentration of the component THC, while the other, known as industrial hemp, has a minimal amount of less than 0.3% THC. Hemp is also one of the most amazing and useful plants on the planet, with the potential of making, building and feeding multitudes.

Hemp History

Industrial hemp has been used for thousands of years for an abundance of uses, from building materials to ropes and sails. Due to an unfortunate turn of events back in 1937, and because of how alike the two plants look, hemp was lumped in with marijuana on the list of controlled substances and, therefore made illegal to grow in the U.S.

With the advent of the 2014 Farm Bill, industrial hemp is beginning to make a comeback as a money crop in the agricultural industry. With the many advantages of this crop, including the lack of need for fertilisers or pesticides, it’s growth rate, and the actual ability to help and improve the soil quality, it really is a miracle crop.

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