Businesses in Rotorua, New Zealand, are working together to raise funds in support of the Hemp Health Benefits of medicinal cannabis.

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The charity group, Medical Cannabis Awareness New Zealand (MCANZ), has a campaign underway to raise funds for the legalisation of using medical cannabis as treatment. Rotorua resident, Zoe Jefferies, is currently taking Sativex to treat her epilepsy and is receiving great results.

Sativex is a mouth spray made from cannabis oil and it is approved by the Ministry of Health.

Shane Le Brun, co-ordinator of MCANZ reported that even though the majority of local Rotorua businesses labeled them as “a bunch of hippies,” many businesses took part in the fundraising campaign.

The money raised will go towards the MCANZ goals, which include making Sativex more accessible and affordable, introducing additional cannabis products, and receiving funding for medical training for doctors.

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