Have you ever wondered how the Olympic athletes hemp stirfryare able to sustain their energy throughout the Olympic Winter Games? The former triathlete and two-time ultra marathon champion, Brendan Brazier, says some athletes have chosen a plant-based diet, which boosts energy levels and improves health and overall well-being. Brazier found that during his training, eating a nutritious, whole food-based diet enhanced his regime.

Brazier is a performance nutrition consultant for elite athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, PGA, as well as several Olympians. Currently, he is promoting his latest recipe book, “Thrive Energy Cookbook,” which focuses on plant-based, nutrient-dense, whole food recipes. He is finding that more and more people, not only athletes, are becoming interested in nutrition and the energy-boosting benefits of a nutritional plant-based diet.

For Brazier, it was the goal of speeding up recovery to become a better athlete that lead him to start focusing on the nutritional value of his diet. He discovered the importance of the net gain of food, and that it that there is more gain in eating foods that take less energy to digest but have high nutrient values. Easy digestion is amongst the many Hemp health benefits. Brazier replaced pasta, white rice and other carbohydrates with foods like hemp, amaranth, quinoa, chia and flax, because they are much easier to digest and they are high in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants – things that many of us don’t get enough of.

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