picture of hemp hearts to illustrate hemp health benefitsWhen it comes to hemp health benefits, look no further than the quality of fats they include. The oil from hemp seeds has one of the highest concentrations of polyunsaturated fats and the best balance of the Essential Fatty Acids.

The human body requires only two fatty acids, Linoleic acid (omega 6) and alpha linolenic acid (omega 3) and their metabolites, gamma-linolenic acid (omega 6) and stearidonic acid (omega 3), in order to sustain life and health. Hemp contains 54.4% linoleic acid, 18.3% linolenic acid, 3-4% gamma-linolenic and 1-2% stearidonic acid.

It’s one of only four oils to contain this balance of essential fatty acids and is the most economical option available.