A species of the cannabis plant proves, yet again, that there is immense value in Hemp as Medicine.

Hemp as Medicine

On May 20th, the family of a little girl in Ramona, California, celebrated a miracle – the little girl turned four. Sadie Higuera was born with Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome, a very rare hereditary disorder. Her life expectancy was not more than two years.

Sadie started attending a special needs preschool in Ramona Elementary last year, and her parents, Brian and Damaris Higuera, are pleased to report that she is doing really well. She has become more observant and responsive, especially to music.

Sadie’s parents give credit to medicinal cannabis for her health progress. Conventional medicine prescribed by doctors would often cause setbacks and worsen her condition. But then they tried cannabidiol hemp oil (CBD). Her tumours disappeared and the severe seizures stopped.

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