There is rising hope for Hemp as Medicine to help children suffering from epilepsy.

Cutler Henrie, an 8 year old boy from from Salt Lake City, has suffered from severe seizures for most of his young life. He is one of many. His father, Jason Henrie, says the seizures are unstoppable, but his hope is rising. Hemp as Medicine -leaves

Six weeks ago his son was accepted into a medicinal cannabis research project at Primary Children’s Hospital, and is already experiencing its benefits. The amount and length of his seizures have been diminished since taking the oil. With a lifestyle of living day by day, this is a significant difference.

There are currently 40 families in Utah using CBD to treat their children with severe epilepsy. Some of them have certificates giving them the legal right to use the oil. These certificate holders must go to Colorado to buy the oil, and they can use the oil in Utah, but it is illegal for them to ship it across state lines. Doing so could result in federal prosecution.

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