Nick French, owner of Colorado Hemp Honey, uses Hemp as Medicine combined with the healing properties of honey and essential oils, to make his limited batches of hemp honey.

French has been researching new and innovative ways to advance both the beekeeping and industrial hemp industries. Hemp extracts can be used as alternative treatment for pain relief and anxiety, but the process of extraction is lengthy and complex. This led French to wonder if there is a simpler, more natural way to obtain the healing properties, (cannabinoids), from hemp.

First, he wanted to find out if bees would naturally extract the cannabinoids (CBD) from industrial hemp, and integrate them into their honey production. This research project concluded that hemp doesn’t have the nectar needed by the bees.

However, the research project led to the amazing discovery that bees can be spurred to collect the healing hemp resins, which they then store in their hives and use to make propolis (bee glue).

Hemp as Medicine

In conclusion, bees can extract the cannabinoids from hemp much more efficiently and economically than our mechanical alternatives.

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