The U.S. hemp industry may be up against some hefty obstacles but many other countries have approved Hemp as Medicine.

Hemp as Medicine

CFN Media Group, the primary agency and media network with a focus on legal cannabis, released information about Medical Marijuana Inc.’s new arrangement with a South American pharmaceutical company and of their intentions to profit from the industry.

In the U.S. the progress of the industrial hemp industry is hindered by bureaucracy, but that is not the case in many Latin American countries where the health and economic benefits of the plant are being recognised and even pursued. For example, in Mexico the company COFEPRIS has endorsed cannabidiol (CBD) oil as treatment for epilepsy, in Brazil CBD has been legalised for a number of medical uses, and Chile has legalised the growing and selling of medical marijuana.

Brazilian company HempMeds® Brazil has recently partnered with Paragon HealthCare BR, one of the main international wholesale pharmaceutical distributors.

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