In Tahlequah, Oklahoma, a group of advocates gathered to discuss Hemp as Medicine, its ability to detoxify soil, and its many other uses.  About 100 hundred participants from across the U.S. attended the Native Health Matters event, on November 9th.

Hemp as Medicine

Native Health Matters is a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainability for health, education, agricultural and financial independence for Native American communities, minorities and people young and old.

NHM President J.R. Claphan has experienced the medicinal benefits of hemp first hand. Following four knee surgeries, Claphan suffered from severe pain. He was on prescription opiates until he discovered the healing properties of CBD. He is now an ardent advocate for hemp as medicine.

Another topic discussed at the conference was the use of hemp to detoxify soil. Hemp has the ability to absorb pollutants and replenish contaminated land.

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