Edith Cook, a writer for the Casper Star Tribune in Wyoming, went on a personal mission to visit the Colorado company, CBDRx, a company with a focus on Hemp as Medicine. CBDRx is a manufacturer of CBD capsules made from coconut oil and cannabidiol extracted from hemp plants.

Hemp as Medicine - hemp_hospital

CBD oil is most often used to treat severe epilepsy in toddlers and children. It has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of  seizures.

Cook has a son who suffers from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that causes small seizures. The medication prescribed by his doctor comes with some serious side effects, so he has opted not to take it.

On her visit to the Research and Development site of CBDRx, Cook learned about the growing hemp industry and about the availability of CBD.

The CEO of CBDRx, Marc Brannigan, has been involved in the cannabis industry for several years. He has witnessed the benefits of Hemp as Medicine, of how it can improve the quality of life for people. When he discovered CBD oil there was no question for him – he had to pursue the growing of hemp for this purpose.

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