Every year, despite months of hard work maintaining their hemp fields, Canadian hemp farmers are forced to toss the part of the plant that makes Hemp as Medicine.

This part of the plant is called cannabidiol, (CBD), and its found in the flowering parts and leaves of the hemp plant.

Farmers are not permitted to harvest the leaves, and as Keith Jones of Rowland Farms stated, they have to disperse the leaves over the fields.

Jones is the manager of the world’s largest hemp farm, which is in Taber, Alberta. He says they’re forced to waste the part of the plant that contains the valuable component, CBD, because Health Canada limits the cultivation of hemp to the seed and stalks.

Jones says that although hemp has been cultivated for many years now, and it is proven to be safe, they are still not permitted to harvest the entire plant.

Hemp as Medicine

Dr. Steven Laviolette, a neuroscientist from the University of Western Ontario, has spent several years studying CBD as a treatment for brain disorders. He has discovered that CBD could treat many neurological diseases.

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