Hemp as Medicine should not be reserved for humans – pets can also benefit from the medicinal oil derived from the cannabis plant.

Hemp as Medicine

Last fall, the loving owners of Muttley, a 12 year-old American staffordshire terrier cross, received the sad news that he wasn’t going to survive the cancer he’d been diagnosed with earlier in the year. After several doses of chemo and surgeries, Muttley was still far from the road to recovery.

Muttley became apathetic and sluggish, sleeping ninety percent of the day, and lost all interest in outdoor activities. He became very ill and lost ten kilos.

Realising nothing more could be done, owners Tim and Tina began preparing for the loss of their beloved pet. At this time, their vet suggested treating Muttley with medicinal cannabis oil to help ease the pain and discomfort. Although doubtful that it would help, they decided it was worth a try, and started giving him a low-dose medicinal hemp oil. The change in Muttley was miraculous.

He gained back the weight he’d lost, was no longer in pain, and returned to his energetic self… with a boosted appetite!

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