The story of Penny Howard and her daughter is a heartwarming tale about their advocacy of Hemp as Medicine, and the impact it had on their life and others.

Hemp as Medicine

Dallas mother, Penny Howard, lost her daughter at age 5 to CDKL5 epilepsy, a very rare disorder. Her daughter, Harper, died in January 2016, but her short life has made a big difference to others suffering from rare diseases.

Howard is pleased that she has been able to give her daughter a legacy, and to bring meaning to her life.

Before discovering cannabidiol oil, (CBD), Howard’s daughter lived an almost unconscious life, unaware and unresponsive to her surroundings. After taking CBD oil, Harper began to make eye contact and shortly afterwards, she began to speak. Her quality of life greatly improved with the ability to communicate, even in a limited way.

Together, Howard and her daughter raised awareness about medical cannabis, and through their advocacy, helped to see medical cannabis legalised in Paraguay, Colombia and Brazil.

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